About Us

UWNRG is comprised of a talented group of undergraduate students aiming to tackle some of the most modern issues with nano solutions. First established in 2007, UWNRG has gone from competing in IEEE’s ICRA competition to establishing its very own research group for undergraduates to learn, develop and test their creativity and knowledge through the design of unique micro systems.

Fall 2023 Team

 Athena Xu

Nanotechnology Engineer

Jonathan Chin

Nanotechnology Engineer

 Joshua Stevens

Nanotechnology Engineer

Camilo Llanten

Chemical Engineer

Emily McLenaghan

Nanotechnology Engineer

Ethan Ye

Nanotechnology Enginner

Victoria Xia

Nanotechnology Engineer
Our Advisors

Dr. Mustafa Yavuz

Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics

Sofia Rizzo

Former Director