We are a group of highly dedicated and motivated individuals working to combine micro and molecular biology with robotics. We, at Vision, are a research group working on long-term projects, with the goal of presenting and publishing our findings.

Members of the research team (Left to right): Michael Spinazze, Alex Chan, Ian Ross, Megan Dawson, Max Kirby, Claire Murphy, Braeden MacDougall, Darius Nguyen, Benjamin Shaw

Our current project, Vision, is working to engineer bacteria and hydroponic systems to create a better indoor, fully automated plant growth machine.

This project has three main components:

     1. Create a fully automated, sensor wielding hydroponics system.

     2. Engineer aquatic bacteria to express plant promoting genes within that system.

     3. Engineer a microbial sensor to detect possible pathogens and our modified bacteria within the system.

DNA sequence of our plasmid!

We welcome collaborations with enthusiastic undergraduate students, professors, and graduate students interested in this field, and are open to feedback on our design! Please email Claire Murphy ( and Megan Dawson ( for any inquiries.

Meet the Vision Team!

Claire Murphy

Team Lead

Megan Dawson

Team Lead

Anna Rukavina-Nolsoe


Alex Chan


Benjamin Shaw


Braeden MacDougall


Darius Nguyen


Ian Ross


Max Kirby


Michael Spinazze