Member Names (Top row left to right): Daniel Holmes, Michael Spinazze, Darius Nguyen, Braeden MacDougall, Bruno Paredes, Alex Nica, Kaho Wong, Brandon Klassen, Ryan Li, Danish Baig, Caleb Davis, Max Kirby, Benjamin Shaw, Braydn Moore, Ian Ross, Amir Poshankar, Kevin Ng, Alex Chan. (Bottom row left to right): Joyce Zheng, Sofia Rizzo, Victoria Li, Lisa Xie, Claire Murphy, Megan Dawson, Lauren Knoff.

UWNRG is comprised of a talented group of undergraduate students aiming to tackle some of the most modern issues with nano solutions. First established in 2003, UWNRG has gone from competing in IEEE’s ICRA competition to establishing its very own research group for undergraduates to learn, develop and test their creativity and knowledge through the design of unique micro robots.


MAYA is a nanorobotics team dedicated to the design and building of the Micro-Assembly YBCO Apparatus utilizing the concept of quantum flux locking to control the position and orientation of a neodymium cube in 3-D space. MAYA has potential applications of micro-manipulation in the electronics industry or medical field, with our team hard at work designing a microgripper.

Member Names (Left to right): Bruno Paredes, Daniel Holmes, Kaho Wong, Alex Nica, Ryan Li, Brandon Klassen, Caleb Davis, Braydn Moore, Lisa Xie, Amir Poshankar, Joyce Zheng
Member Names (Left to right): Michael Spinazze, Alex Chan, Ian Ross, Megan Dawson, Max Kirby, Claire Murphy, Braeden MacDougall, Darius Nguyen, Benjamin Shaw


The Vision team is leading the NanoRobotics Group towards the field of synthetic biology. Working together with organizations like iGEM, The Vision team hopes to help automate and control the microsphere to help promote the growth of cannabis plants using an opto-genetically controlled ethylene reduction system.


Business & Marketing

The business and marketing team handles everything from sponsorship to event outreach both in and outside the university. They manage the finances of our team and allocate funds to all of our research projects. Their crucial presence allows for the group to stay connected, motivated and well funded.


Member Names (Left to right): Sofia Rizzo, Victoria Li, Kevin Ng, Lauren Knoff


Kevin An

Managing Director

Danish Baig

Technical Director


Dr. Mustafa Yavuz is the director of Nano and Micro Systems Lab. Completing a Ph.D at University of Wollongong for Materials Engineering and Applied Physics, Dr.  is interested in researching micro and nano-scale materials design, fabrication and characterization. Dr. Yavuz was one of the pioneers in the invention of the very first ‘flying MEMS’.

Dr. Mustafa Yavuz

Head Supervisor